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Scroll further down, to see photos from my last journey through Spain!

Hey, guys. How's it going?
¡Hola mi compañeros! ¿Qué pasa? :D

Chris here. I come from a lovely old town called Mühlhausen / Thuringia in Germany. Follow me on my HighFiving page and have a look through the photos to get inspiration, maybe for your next Holidays.

Currently you can see photos from my last cycling trip through Spain in 2016. (Scroll further down) This great country is very diverse! Landscape, weather, temperature, food...
I can also recommend you my cycling trip through the whole of Great Britain in 2015. Here you can see photos from a really stunning landscape, friendly locals and traditional things.




Further back in time, there was my first cycling trip to the top of Norway "the North Cape" 2014. All photos looks very sunny, because there was the hottest summer since 130 years. Incredible!


Have a look, there are some newspaper reports about my cycling trips. If you have any questions about my journeys, equipment, my way of life... feel free to contact me. I am pleased about your comments & greetings every time. Leave some at the bottom of this page!

Thanks & HighFive
Chris :D

> Spain - Cycling Trip 2016 :D <

=1= ¡Vamos! Let's go!

South West France > Dune du Pilat > Pyrenees > Pass: Col du Pourtalet / May 2016

=2= Pirineos > Parque Nacional de Ordesa <

Northeast of Spain > Torla / June 2016

=3= Aragón and Castilla y León

Zaragoza > Muro de Agreda > Mountain: Moncayo / June 2016

=4= Castilla y León

Ayllón > Segovia > Salamanca / June 2016

=5= Castilla y León

Salamanca > Sierra de Gredos / June 2016

=6= Asturias & Cantabria

 Picos de Europa > Mones (Workaway Job) > Ruesga / July 2016

=7= PaísVasco (Basque Country)

Basque Coast > Logroño > Cave Canoyning La Leze July 2016

=8= Navarra

Bardenas Reales > Ujué > Casa Pedro (Workaway Job) > Fiesta in Tafalla / August 2016

=9= Homeward

Along the pyrenees to the south / September 2016

Tour dates: 4 month / 4.130 km / 15,84 ∅ Kmh / 64,55 Kmh / 499,96 € total cost

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