> Great Britain - Cycling trip 2015 <



Hey friends,


the bike bags are packed, the loaves are lubricated, the tires are inflated
and I have improved my English skills to A2 level :D hiha


Let's go to Great Britain.

I want to reach the next English level?!

sure, sure :D


Great, that you take part!

High Five


=1= Here we go! On the way to the island

Germany > Netherlands > Belgium > France / June 2015

=2= England's windy south coast

June 2015

=3= A short hitchhike trip to Ireland's coast

July 2015

=4= North Wales

Snowdonia National Park / July 2015

=5= Overnight on the top of the mountain Cnicht "Matterhorn of Wales"

Snowdonia National Park / August 2015

=6= Walk on the top of the highest mountain in Wales > Sonwdon

One of the "Three Peaks of UK" > North Wales / August 2015

=7= South Wales

Brecon Beacons Park > Pembrokeshire Coast Park / August 2015

=8= Freshwater East > Pembrokeshire Coast

Stayed as a "Workawayer" in the house of the great Parfitt´s family / September 2015

=9= from Wales to Scotland

Road Trip with Lena, Mazu & Gaja > Lake District > The Scottish Highlands / October 2015

=10= Autumn in the scottish Highlands

Scotland / October 2015

=11= Homeward from East of England to Germany

East of England > Netherlands > North Sea > Germany / November 2015

Tour dates: 6 month / 4.999 km / 15,24 ∅ Kmh / 60,09 Kmh / 661,22 € total cost

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# 12

Horst Leeck (Montag, 14 Dezember 2015 22:18)

Hallo, Du Inselbummler!
 Today firstly I'd been on your homepage.

Lovely! Greetings, Horst - born in Gotha, living in Stuttgart


# 11

Liam (Freitag, 30 Oktober 2015 17:44)

What a great adventure you're having, absolutely stunning photos.

Glad you enjoyed the currywurst mit pommes und mayo when you stopped at the Forth Road Bridge.
Hope the weather stays good for you.

All the best, Liam


# 10

Anthony Parfitt (Sonntag, 18 Oktober 2015 19:20)

Hi Chrisp

Ieuan, Idilia, Shirley/Jane & Nerea are all sitting on the sofa looking at the latest photo's, hoping for the latest adventures, we all miss you loads, and hope your having a great time

AMiis/j & N xxxxx


# 09

Anahita (Samstag, 10 Oktober 2015 21:30)

Hey Christian,

these are really lovely photos ... great shots of wonderful places. Thanks for sharing. Keep enjoying the peddling and meeting new people. It was lovely to know you.

love and blessings


# 08

Anthony Parfitt (Samstag, 29 August 2015 09:56)

Great new pictures, always good to see your own country through new eyes.


# 07

Linda Woodward (Dienstag, 18 August 2015 19:11)

Great to meet you, Chris,

feel like we've lost a family member now you've gone! we really enjoyed your company, enjoy the rest of your journey and travels around Wales, please visit us again, you'll be welcomed back with many Welsh cakes!


# 06

Wyn Jones (Montag, 17 August 2015)

Sorry I wasn't around in Llansteffan to welcome you. Looks as if your having a great time, enjoy the rest of your stay in Wales and come back soon. Perhaps some day you'll learn some welsh as well as English.

All the best,


# 05

Anthony Parfitt (Donnerstag, 06 August 2015 22:53)

Great photos, really looking forward to sharing some time here in Freshwater East - Blessing!


# 04

Lucienne & Chris (Montag, 29 Juni 2015 20:53)

Hi Chris,

We are looking forward to see your adventures since you left our place in Ruddervoorde (B).
 In less than a week we start our "Tour de Manche" ...we can not wait!


# 03

Sandra (die vom Wildniswochenende) (Montag, 08 Juni 2015 20:31)

Hallo Chris,

ich muss schmunzeln, denn ich habe mir eben Robins Blog

angeschaut und Deinen. Dein Sternzeichen kannst Du definitiv nicht verleugnen ;-)
Bin nächstes Jahr auch in London, meine beste Freundin besuchen. Vielleicht bist Du zu diesem Zeitpunkt in der Nähe, das Angebot Vokabeln abzuhören steht.

Liebe Grüße und keinen Dauerregen!


# 02

Kai Laschnikow (Mittwoch, 03 Juni 2015 07:56)

Hast ja janz schön viel dabei. Aber wenn ich das richtig sehe, hast Du Deine Zahnbürste vergessen und den Reisefön. Fahr am besten nochmal zurück. Wir sehen uns dann am neugegründeten Mühlhäuser Pflaumenmus Stand in London.
 Und denk an Deine Wette. Wehe ich komm nach England und höre keine Bottles Songs im Radio...

Gute Reise, alter Freund.

Achso, ich glaube Pflaumenmus heißt "plum jam" auf Englisch, falls Dir das was nützt...


# 01

Caro (Dienstag, 02 Juni 2015 15:07)

Hey Meiner,
wünsche dir stehts Rückenwind und natürlich kein Regen ;-)
 Komm gesund wieder.