HighFiving :)

   > On the way with Chris <

> Support me <

You can also support me >


> for a shower > If you would like to see me with fresh clean hairs on the next photos :D

> for a warm and huge meal > If you think: oh gosh, he is quite thin and he will lose his trousers, but I don't like to see this :D

> for a bed > If you see my deep eye-rings, looks like a glacier canyon :D To be honest, I have not every night a deep sleep between wolfs, bears, wild dogs, 6-eyes-spiders ahhhh :::) my heart goes boom boom boom


> for functioning bike parts > quuiiiiitsch, tzzzzzz, krrrak krrrak...the everyday music in my ears.


> for a roof over my head > If you see: oh he looks like a drowned rat


> to get a postcard > POSTCARD??? What is a postcard? Of course, today it is a rarity and very valuable! I will send you lovely greetings!

> Feel free to contact me <